Huawei only wants to focus on software development

According to Reuters, the number one of the Chinese giant, Ren Zhengfei would focus on the HarmonyOs and MindSpore projects

Would be software development and dissemination the possible new route that Huawei could undertake to escape the dangerous stalemate in which it fell after the ban by the Trump administration. HarmonyOs proprietary operating system it could therefore go from being simply one of many projects to perhaps becoming the only real lifeboat towards better horizons.

The cleaver dropped by ex-US President Trump on trade relations between the US and Huawei has torn apart all the strategies of the Chinese giant and there are still no definitive positions taken by the new roommate of the White House, Joe Biden, on the future of the call, despite the limitations on two other big brands such as Xiaomi and Tik Tok have already relaxed. Huawei also has sold the Honor brand which is now ready to debut with a new top-of-the-range series with Android and Google services on board.

Reuters reports to have viewed an internal document signed by the founder and CEO of Huawei himself, Ren Zhengfei, in which an explicit reference is made to the need to concentrate efforts on the software dimension as the only way to get rid of the limitations and control imposed by the US government. At this moment it would be of little use to accumulate components and chips for a subsequent resumption of mass production, with the risk of finding oneself with a reserve that will soon become obsolete, also aggravated by theinability to use Google services and apps.

On the contrary, focusing on the software could give the right independence and autonomy to Huawei to return to full capacity in a new guise. Two projects on the shields or the artificial intelligence cloud platform MindSpore and above all the ambitious operating system HarmonyOs born to be able to manage a large package of different devices, including smartphones of course.

To reinforce the hypotheses reported by Reuters there is an event announced just in the past few hours by Huawei on its WeChat and Weibo with a HarmonyOs event for June 2nd with the promise of big news.

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