“I set myself goals every day that I want to achieve” – Katharina Zurmühlen from Moanah

In the “5 things I can’t work without” series, we ask web workers what they can’t do without in their job. Today’s guest: Katharina Zurmühlen from Moanah.

Katharina Zurmühlen is co-founder of Moanah and as Chief Marketing Officer responsible for marketing the company’s own products. Moanah has committed itself to sustainable and plastic-saving cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaning agents and detergents in powder form. The graduate economist, who has already worked for BMW and various startups, has always had a great interest in social engagement and entrepreneurship. After supporting the German Red Cross in sales for many years, she was instrumental in setting up the startup EnC Energy & Comfort, which offers energetic solutions for everyday life especially for people who have no or limited access to the power supply. She then built up the marketing department at the opinion and market research institute Civey. In the “5 things I can’t work without” series she reveals what she needs for a successful day at work.

5 things I can’t work without: Katharina Zurmühlen from Moanah

Morning swim: I used to be a competitive swimmer. Today swimming gives me the greatest balance to work. The feeling of gliding through the water is very meditative for me and often the best ideas come to me. After a few morning laps, I start the day with a fresh head, even if it was unfortunately difficult to go swimming regularly during the pandemic.

Time blocker: It is also part of my daily work routine that I actively take time to think – be it for strategic and creative topics or simply to quietly work through tasks. For this I consciously set myself time blockers. During these blockers, Slack or other messaging tools like to stay switched off. So I can go into my tunnel undisturbed and fully devote myself to the task at hand.

Evernote app for notes: The Evernote app helps me structure and prioritize tasks. The written notes are automatically synchronized with the app on my PC. So no thoughts are lost. This is particularly useful when I come up with ideas on the go or in bed in the evening.

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Constructive feedback: In order to develop professionally and personally, but also to grow, I very much appreciate open and constructive feedback from my employees. When I get stuck, the well-founded opinions of others can be worth its weight in gold. It gives me the opportunity to approach something from a new perspective. It also helps me to grow and develop on a daily basis.

Clear targets: I set myself goals every day that I want to achieve. This is the only way I can focus on the essentials. In addition, it simply motivates to work towards specific goals and to achieve them in the end. So at the beginning I always sit down with our employees in order to clearly define their goals and expectations together with them. So you know exactly where you want to go with us right from the start.

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