Iceland’s experiment with the 4-day week

Every Monday morning we report on five things that are important to start the week. This time it’s about Iceland’s experiment with the four-day week, a Twitter clone and more time for the tax.

Do you like going to work? Those who can answer this question with yes can consider themselves lucky. But even if you love what you do (professionally), you cannot avoid discovering certain flaws in the way we work. People who are fully employed see their colleagues more often in everyday life than their partners or friends – shouldn’t that be any different? And if you find your real, very personal fulfillment in hobbies, you have to shovel free time in addition to earning a wage and housework – it has to be better ?!

It has been debated for a long time whether a five-day week is still appropriate – after all, it has been around since the 1960s, and an update is more than due for many. Various experiments and field tests have already suggested that productivity does not necessarily suffer as a result and that a four-day week does not lead straight into recession. So what are we waiting for?

1. 4-day week: experiment in Iceland proves increasing productivity

A large-scale field study in Iceland examined how a four-day week with the same salary affects performance. The results are impressive: In some cases, even increased productivity could be ascertained, no slumps were recorded. Jörn Brien compiled all the details about the field test for You can also read here which five facts critics in particular have to deal with now.

2. What delivery services like Gorillas, Flink and Message in a Bottle earn their money with

They are penetrating more and more cities and are competing with kiosks, Spätis and Büdchen: delivery services that promise to deliver groceries to your front door sometimes within ten minutes – at prices that can compete with those in the supermarket. Our author Tobias Weidemann has analyzed whether or how it pays off.

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3. Twitter Copy Gettr: Massive problems shortly after launch

It is not the first attempt from former US President Donald Trump’s camp to set up their own social network. The latest serve is called Gettr and is a clone of the short message service Twitter. Shortly after the start on US Independence Day However, the problems began to accumulate. Less than a week later it came to the first Data leaks, hacked accounts and tons of fake news. Let’s see how long Gettr can hold out before the plug is pulled here as well.

4. Same game, different advertising? Perimeter advertising in football is not the same everywhere

This week, too, the Pioneers Breakfast cannot avoid a trip into the world of football. Our specialist Brian Rotter explains you how it comes that not all TV viewers get to see the same advertisement inside a game. Why and how the German Football League works with Amazon’s cloud division AWShe also investigated.

5th practical tip of the week: deadline extensions for the “Corona tax return” decided

Our practical tip of the week will benefit everyone who is prone to procrastination this time. Actually, July is the month in which we complain and swear and force ourselves to finally do the damned tax return for the previous year. Due to the special situation caused by the pandemic, the finance ministers of the federal states have now decided that taxpayers will be given three months more time and will not have to hand them in until October 31. You can of course read what else you need to consider on

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