Icon.e X7 iCross, our test of the electric fat bike

From mountain trails to city traffic, the test of the eBike with “fat” wheels

Icon.e X7 iCross is the performing one fat bike proposed by V-Ita Group which focuses on a very pleasant minimalist design, integrates components of major brands in the segment such as Shimano, Samsung and Tektro and provides a series of physical security solutions with keys for the battery and software with the code access. We tried it thoroughly, here are our impressions.

The Icon.e X7 iCross technical data sheet is very rich, starting from the engine Bafang 8Fun with a power of 250 watts capable of pushing up to the maximum speed allowed in Italy of 25 km/h; is powered by a Samsung battery 48 volt and 499.2 Wh extractable lithium battery which during our test was able to significantly exceed i 40 km of autonomy with even extreme use and to fill up in about 5 hours.

The bike is equipped with an aluminum frame that can be folded in half thanks to the joint in the central part. The model we tested was in black, but it is also available in gray. When folded it measures 980 x 730 x 500 mm, which becomes 1050 x 770 x 530 when fully opened. As you can imagine, it is stored in the folded purchase package (as well as the pedals and handlebars) with the 20 ″ Kensa fat tire already swollen and ready to use. The bike holds up to 120 kg.

The rims are in reinforced aluminum alloy, with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear and suspension fork on the rear also equipped with adjustable abs easily from the special lever on site. The rear uses a suspension that returns very comfortable on rough terrain such as mountain paths, on cobblestones or on a dry river with stones mixed with mud and sand. There are mudguards in front and behind, the Sport gel saddle leaves a comfortable seat and can be adjusted in height thanks to the dropper post. There are two headlights on the front and rear to better illuminate the road at night.

Icon.e X7 iCross opts for a steel e 7-speed Shimano gearbox with selector on the right side of the handlebar next to the bell (which is not heard much). On the left side there is the selector to move in the menu, to turn on the cycle computer and to lock / unlock the vehicle, in the center is the LCD display.

The on-board computer displays the time, thrust intensity, battery level, instant speed, travel time and mileage. In the internal menu you can adjust the time, auto-off and speed limit. As anticipated, the engine can be blocked with a numeric password, but also with the keys Supplied.

Pedaling at a good pace you will soon reach the “smoothie” with the hardest ratio and a speed of about 30 km / h (with or without thrust), but the fat bike is not designed for high speeds, but for dirt roads, excursions or as a comfortable city bike. But we would have liked a few more hard teeth. How powerful is the pedal assist? The intensity is adjustable by the keys and is controlled by the cycle computer and goes from 1 ideal for a soft start to 5 which instead goes down decided and is preferable when you are already launched and not near tight curves.

The motor comes into action as soon as you have completed a full pedal stroke. Thanks to the large wheels, it is a perfect vehicle for the outdoors: it was a lot of fun to get on it going up and down paths in the woods without worrying about stones, roots, branches and pine cones, but it was surprisingly stable and without too many vibrations to reach a stream crossing a large area full of stones and boulders. In the city, you have more safety when you pass over tram tracks, holes or manholes which can often be very dangerous with city bikes or racing bikes.

Two small details that we would have seen very well on board: a direction indicator (the arrows) perhaps with an LED at each end of the handlebar and a mini mirror placed under the knob to take a look at the rear without having to turn. For the rest, it is a really well made proposal with quality components.

Price: 1999 euro from the official site.

Wired: Super comfortable off-road and city, high-quality components, powerful engine and long-lasting battery, attractive design and software and key security.

Tired: blending at high speed, there could be a mirror and turn indicators.

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