If the problem is math, the solution is online

The bill is quickly done: if the problem is there maths, then the solution is the study. But this is too simple, because “studying” and “understanding” are not always elements that go hand in hand and, without understanding, mathematics is just a futile mnemonic study devoid of any meaning. We need a method and commitment, but we also need an accessible source to retrieve the main notions. You need a tool to start from. Udemy has a solution for you.

Repetitions of mathematics

Udemy is a service that makes available online courses of proven quality that allow you to learn a variety of subjects at completely ridiculous prices. The cost is certainly much less than hours spent with a teacher: the two aspects are obviously not comparable, but if in some cases the presence of a remedial teacher is essential, in other cases the possibility of accessing an online course may be even more useful and formative.

If this last case is right for you, the options available are many:

To recover on specific issues, all that remains is to tickle Udemy research and check if there are already targeted courses on the identified topic. Each course lasts a few hours of video on-demand, provides dedicated resources to download and in most cases the first purchase has a limited cost of only 12.99 euros that allow you to put the method to the test.

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