Impact video? Videomakers are not born: they become

Among the various offers available on Udemy this week, an interesting course of Matteo Vicino dedicated to the world of viral videos. How can the roots of virality be sought and how can they be tickled to multiply the possibilities of creating something effective? How to satisfy a customer who has commissioned a creation and how can you produce impactful and highly engaging video content?

Impact video

13,99 euro (30% discount available for a few hours) introduce you to the basics of this world in which everything seems instinct and improvisation, but where in reality the space for planning and organization is completely dominant. Of course, creativity is needed, but it won’t have any effect if you can’t convey it in the right directions, touching the right strings, stimulating the right impulses.

Create videos, become a videomaker, create commercials and viral videos, pass interviews or auditions, make your home a real set, learn all the technologies and techniques for making videos, all in a single course. But not only: How to film yourself, how to be effective in front of the camera, or simply your smartphone, details such as the distance between you and the lens, the space and proportions in the frame, your diction, the narration time , the quality of your storytelling, your empathy, enhancing your strengths, illuminating your content or your product, making effective videos, increasing your audience, being your own director and videomaker. In detail, we will take care of how to make commercials or video interviews, videos for social networks, blogs, we will improve and expand your ability to appear on video, to do public speaking, using the basics of the best motivation and acting techniques. Make a social video, a review, improve the number of followers on social networks, from Facebook to Instagram to Tik Tok.

The signature is not just any signature, but that of an established director who in this short course focuses everything on the impact that a video has the ability to make, whatever the context for which it is produced. Social, chat, interviews, advertisements or what else? In any case, we don’t improvise. Because videomakers are not born and, at most, you become one.

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