In China, facial recognition is required to be able to play video games

It is part of the new regulations that have introduced a real curfew for minors, from 10 in the evening to 8 in the morning

(Foto: Honor of Kings)

In a move immediately dubbed “midnight patrol”, the leading video game manufacturer in China, Tencent Games, has introduced the necessary request for on sixty of the most popular titles perform a facial recognition in case you are playing at night. The purpose is soon said: to follow the government indications to fight the videogame addiction of the youngest.

L’abuse of video games in China it is not a cliché and particularly afflicts the new generations with a lot of clinics to detoxify and situations that are often out of control due to parental control that is not so effective. Beijing has taken various initiatives to try to stem the phenomenon with the recent publication of guidelines delivered to developers and distributors.

Among the most significant rules there is a real one curfew for gamers under 18, which will be forbidden to use between 10 in the evening and 8 in the morning. Plus, you will have it maximum 90 minutes to spend during the week e three hours on weekends or during national holidays. Another related problem is that of huge in-app expenses – China is the main market with over 30 billion per year (2018 data) – for example for extra cosmetics: a ceiling of 200 rmb / 25 euro per month up to 16 years and 400 rmb / 50 euro from 16 to 18 years. How do you determine the age of a user?

The games require a registration linked to personal identity, but this may not be enough as many minors naturally use parental documents. Hence theidea face recognition: after a certain amount of time in which you are playing at night, the game pauses and opens the screen to proceed with the scan. If you refuse or accept and the system recognizes a minor then click the lock until the next day. What if you are an adult and the recognition fails? Patience, even in this case there are no appeals and you will have to try again the next day.

Among the games involved in facial recognition during curfew there is also Honor of Kings, which is the most played title and with the higher revenues in China. It appears that the Chinese version of the Pubg e League of Legends they will be involved shortly.

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