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With a wide range of specialist areas around the world and 140 years of experience, Munich Re has a lot to offer in terms of career technology. Karveen Baines from Munich Re speaks in an interview about transformation projects, success and motivation.

Munich Re’s teams are represented at more than 50 locations on six continents and have almost 40,000 employees. Here you find yourself in the midst of a global and diverse network, the aim of which is to initiate real changes.

“I’m always looking for ambitious project professionals, PMs, BAs, program leads. I want talented colleagues who keep an eye on the big picture and know how to increase the pace and optimize quality at the same time, ”says Karveen Baines. The global head of service delivery projects at Munich Re is passionate about pushing transformation projects. Together with her team, she shapes the way people work across the company. In the interview, she reveals what she likes about her job, what drives her and what she is particularly proud of.

Karveen, we can very well imagine what heads of product communication or research and development are doing. But what does the global head of service delivery projects do?

Munich Re

Munich Re is one of the leading providers of reinsurance, primary insurance and insurance-related risk solutions worldwide, takes on risks of various complexity and characteristics and is active in all insurance lines.

I lead a team of project experts. Our job is to provide and implement IT infrastructure projects all over the world. The exciting thing is that the IT infrastructure affects every single employee – i.e. the network we all work with, all desktops and mobile devices we use, and it provides the connection that we all need at Munich Re – regardless of whether in the Office or home office.

What are the most important tasks for you in your job?

If you mean me directly, my most important task is to look after our employees, to support them, to encourage them and to lead them. This has advantages for both sides: if I take care of your concerns, you take care of the project work. Because it has to be absolutely flawless for our internal customers. If you mean my area of ​​responsibility, then it’s my job to drive the global change agenda for service delivery and to merge the individual plans for our operational sub-towers in the areas of workplace, support, cloud, networks and data center into a cohesive, budgeted and prioritized plan which can then be implemented.

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most is that my work is so diverse and comprehensive.

How do you motivate yourself to do tasks that you don’t enjoy much?

(laughs) Hm, I focus on the goal and why these tasks need to be done – that’s how I motivate myself.

In general, what is something that motivates you and your colleagues?

I think it’s the ability to make a difference in quality and speed, i.e. to increase the pace and still get an optimal result in terms of quality in order to be useful for the company. This is much easier in a company that gives you the feeling that you can really make a difference, that trusts you and gives you the flexibility to react to any difficulties.

You have been working in the field of restructuring for over 20 years. Is there a project that you are particularly proud of?

Yes, a big and very exciting project occurs to me. I once carried out a complete overhaul of the supply chain: I bought a central warehouse that was the size of 20 soccer fields, plus over 80 local external warehouses. I swapped our supplier for a world-class logistics company and completely renewed and integrated the IT system that supported the supply chain.

What were the biggest challenges in this project?

It took us a total of 18 months to procure the entire infrastructure and set everything up. But the biggest challenge was that we “shut down” the entire company in just one weekend and changed the entire IT system in a rollout that lasted 60 hours. This means that 16,000 employees did not know on Friday whether they would be able to work as usual on the first Monday after the changeover.

What does success mean to you?

For me, success means getting a job done that I promised, done in the time I set and on the budget I set. For this, however, it is also necessary to know that someone is listening and trusting us when we present a plan and the expected course at the start of the project.

What is special about working at Munich Re?

I love working in a truly global organization. At Munich Re, we are not tied to a desk – we can create added value, no matter where we are. The company encourages us by giving us opportunities for mobility. Many companies operate around the world. At Munich Re, however, the culture of the entire company is also global.

Munich Re is interested in your skills – regardless of your specialty. (Photo: Munich Re).

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At Munich Re, specialists from over 80 specialist areas work side by side to identify risks. Regardless of whether your specialty is mathematics, data science, computer science, IT, IoT, engineering, law or economics – we are interested in your vision, drive, talents and skills. We offer experts, university graduates and students attractive jobs. You can find information and job offers on the career page of Munich Re

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