InfoCert, watch out for fake Dike updates

InfoCert has sent an email to its users to recommend maximum attention about a phishing attempt in progress these days and referring to the well-known software for digital company Dike. InfoCert, no Dike alarm The incoming email reports “Critical Dike update“, thus creating a false alarm and a false urgency around a non-existent problem. The sender of the email seems to be “Dike Infocert”, but the group explains how it is a fake with scam purposes. Inside the PDF attached to the email, explains InfoCert, “a link refers to the download of an installation file, which if started, installs remote control software giving attackers access to the victim’s machine”. In the event of an error, the software (which could allow remote control of the PC) can be uninstalled normally from Windows according to the usual methods provided by the control panel.InfoCert recommends maximum attention, remembering some basic elements to be taken into consideration in order to never fall into phishing attempts such as the one reported: Beware of the sender, never trust even if it apparently looks like the e-mail of the credit institution. Beware of errors, often the fake emails contain punctuation errors. Be careful to read the registered office, check on the official website the real registered office, typing it on the PC url bar. Attention to the tone of urgency and threat, do not be frightened by the urgency communicated in the e-mail. Be careful not to click any links: fraudulent messages are attached to links that take you to external pages or applications where your sensitive data and login credentials are requested.

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