Instagram announces major changes to compete with TikTok

Instagram no longer wants to be seen as a photo-sharing social network and is moving towards video.

Instagram plans to offer more videos on its platform. © Instagram

A new video experience on Instagram

Instagram manager Adam Mosseri took to Twitter to announce changes for the images social network. On the program: a new video experience to bring renewal to Instagram. “Today, video is experiencing significant growth on all major online platforms, which is why I think we need to look more into it”, says Adam Mosseri. He adds :

We are no longer a square format photo sharing app.

An assertion that is surprisingly so that this particularity is precisely what made Instagram so successful. Adam Mosseri now wants the social network to fully enter the age of video and respond to user demands. “The # 1 reason people use Instagram is for fun”, says the head of the social network, adding that the competition is tough. To react, Instagram therefore plans to bring a new experience to its platform:

We’re going to experiment with how to embrace video more broadly – full screen, immersive, entertaining, and mobile friendly video.

The Instagram manager also announces experiments on the recommendations side, planning to offer more video content in the Feed that users are not yet following.

New features to compete with TikTok and YouTube

Adam Mosseri does not hide who are the main competitors of Instagram. “Let’s be honest, the competition is very serious. TikTok is huge and YouTube even bigger. (…) People are looking for entertainment on Instagram, there are things to do and we have to accept it ”, he says.

In August 2020, Instagram launched the Reels, its short video format, with the aim of competing with TikTok. In the coming months, video should become even more ubiquitous on the social network.

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