Instagram, entering the date of birth will be mandatory

The social network will ask those who have not yet done so to indicate their age, up to preventing users who refuse from using the app. This change is part of the company’s policies for the safety of young people

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Instagram he wants to know the birthday of its users. Unfortunately, however, no gift in sight, but only a change in the guidelines. The social network owned by Facebook announced in fact that it is asking for the date of birth from people who have not already indicated it previously.

New users are asked to share their age when signing up for Instagram. Those who have been on the platform for some time, on the other hand, may have chosen not to specify it, but will now be reached by the request from the social network to indicate their date of birth every time he opens the app. The warning can be ignored, but only up to a certain point: in the end, Instagram says, everyone will have to add their birthday if they want to continue using the app.

The new Instagram notice. Photo: via Instagram

The platform wrote that it wants “do more to create safer and more private experiences for young people. To do this we need to know how old everyone is “. In May, the company officially announced it was working on a version of Instagram for kids and teens under the age of 13, a feature that would obviously require the platform to know people’s ages.

Instagram cites among the latest measures to ensure the safety of the youngest the one taken in March and which prevents adults from sending messages to minors who do not follow them and automatic setting of the private profile for those under 16, launched last month. The social media added that these changes also serve to show users more relevant advertisements. In the United States, anyone under the age of 21 will not see alcohol advertisements for example.

Another novelty that will be introduced concerns the sensitive content displayed on the app. When a sensitive post is obfuscated by a warning screen, Instagram will ask users for their birthday to view it, if they have not already shared it with the social network previously.

Instagram writes that it is aware that some people will provide false data, but that it is working to avoid this too. The company claims that it will use its artificial intelligence for age detection for those who lie about their age. In July, Facebook posted a blog post on this technology, saying that it is based on the analysis of comments on birthday posts. If someone says they are over a certain age like 13 or 18, but the AI ​​claims otherwise, Instagram will ask the user to check it again.

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