Instagram: how to create your own GIFs for stories

On Instagram, it is possible to use your own GIFs to animate your stories.

Find out how to use your own GIFs in your Instagram Stories. © prima91 –

On Instagram, GIF stickers have become essential to illustrate stories. But did you know you can create and use your own? This can be an original lever to develop the visibility of your brand on social networks, or quite simply to bring a touch of originality to your communication.

The prerequisites for creating your GIF sticker on Instagram

To use your GIFs stickers in Instagram, you must:

  • Photoshop-type image processing software or a tool to create a GIF such as GIFMaker,
  • an account GIPHY, the popular online GIF library.

Recently, you can create stickers directly in GIPHY, via the Sticker Maker tool. It is indeed possible to upload an image, crop it, add a small animation and upload it. New editing features (erase, add colors and a magic wand for easier clipping) will be available soon.

The created GIF must meet the following criteria:

  • the image must have a 1: 1 ratio (a square format) and 500X500 pixels in dimension,
  • the animation must be saved in loop for export and in .gif.

Upload a GIF to GIPHY

You must have a GIPHY account to upload a file. Once logged in:

  • Click on “Upload” at the top right,
  • Click on the GIF tab,
  • Select the file on your computer, then click “Open.”

On GIPHY, you can easily upload your GIF.

Set the visibility of the GIF

This step is crucial so that your GIF is visible and can be easily found by users:

  • your GIF must be saved in “Public” mode,
  • it is necessary to add tags to find it: you can put tags in relation to the content of your GIF, but you can also put the name of your brand.

This step is important to ensure good visibility for your GIF.

Then it’s very simple. All you have to do is prepare your story on Instagram and add your sticker by tapping on the button, then entering the tag (s) in GIPHY to find it easily.

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