Instagram is thinking about paid exclusive stories

These contents will be visible only to fans who will most likely have to subscribe, on the model of Twitter’s Super Follows

(Photo: Unsplash)

Even Instagram is working to offer its users premium content on the model of Super Follows of Twitter. The Facebook-owned social network will guarantee its creators the ability to offer Stories visible only to members of a group. Access to these fan clubs is likely to be tied to a paid membership.

In recent days, screenshots have been circulating showing this new feature. Instagram confirmed it is a prototype internal which is not yet in the testing phase, but did not reveal any other details.

The Instagram users they will post Exclusive stories they will have the icon marked in purple, similar to what happens for stories visible to close friends, with the icon colored green.

When other Instagram users come across the Exclusive Stories, they will be shown a message saying that “Members only” can view this content. You won’t be able to take screenshots of these stories, and it looks like they can’t be shared as highlights either.

This new feature was discovered and disclosed on Twitter by the developer Alessandro Paluzzi who often finds new applications. In his latest revelations about Instagram, however, there are not only exclusive stories. The social network would in fact be concentrating its efforts to give creators different tools to monetize their content on the app, including Nft collectibles.

This would confirm what the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, he had anticipated in May, telling The Information that the company was “Exploring” subscriptions along with other new features, such as Nft.

In the last year, several platforms have already moved to allow creators of monetize your work. Facebook just launched its subscription-based newsletter platform, Bulletin. While Twitter’s Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces, in particular, seem to have similarities to Instagram’s Premium Stories.

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