Instagram Reels Ads coming soon through third-party providers

Ads in Instagram Reels can now be placed via the API and will soon also be placed via third-party providers. (Photo: Ascannio / Shutterstock)

Instagram’s reels are taking off – and Facebook wants more companies to advertise in the space too. The group has now announced that this can be done via the marketing API.

Reels is well received by Instagram users: unlike IGTV If you stay in the app, you will not be redirected to another user interface and you can basically experience Tiktok without downloading it and having to get used to it. The success of Reels is nice for Facebook. But it gets really interesting when many companies place their advertisements there. Facebook has that now enables: In the future, Reels Ads can also be placed via the Marketing API.

Ad placement via Marketing API

The new function should be available for all versions of the Marketing API. It shouldn’t be necessary to update the API. A new endpoint? Shouldn’t be necessary either. Instead, the function should be available via the previously used endpoint. The “INSTAGRAM_REELS” placement option should be added there. With this addition, the following three use cases are possible:

  1. Ad creation: Developers can use Instagram Reels as target positions when creating ads.
  2. Ads Insights: If you break down the insights according to placements for monitoring or reporting, you can now see how the ads are performing in the reels – and use this to calculate KPIs that are comparable to other ads.
  3. Advertisement preview: It can be made possible to display the created advertisements in the format of the reels in the preview.

Reels Ads can therefore be placed via third-party providers

When ads can be served through an API, that brings third parties into play. Social-Ads-Tools how Hootsuite and the like use the Marketing API for their service and have implemented it. Only then is it possible for them to be used for posting and advertising. If a company is already using a third-party service, the three applications above will likely be available shortly. the Reels Ads can then be integrated into your own social ads campaigns much more easily and conveniently. Monitoring is then also simplified and clearer.

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