Instagram: soon new monetizable stories reserved for subscribers?

Instagram is working on a new format: Exclusive Stories. These monetizable content may be offered exclusively by influencers and creators to their subscribers.

Instagram wants to offer visible content only by subscription. © prima91 –

Exclusive Stories is a feature under development by Instagram. As the name suggests, this is content that creators can design exclusively for their fans for a fee, through a subscription.

The Exclusive Stories were unveiled by Alessandro Paluzzi, engineer and application researcher. He posted a thread on Twitter with several screenshots of the feature. Instagram then confirmed the information to TechCrunch.

Exclusive Stories: content reserved for subscribers

Stories published in this frame will have a purple color, to distinguish them from stories accessible to everyone. If a user clicks on the story without having purchased a subscription, a message will inform him that the content is reserved for ” members only “. The exclusive story cannot be copied as a screenshot.

According to the screenshots, Instagram will recommend that creators save these Featured Stories, “ so that fans always have something to discover when they subscribe« .

At this time, Instagram has not released any information regarding the rollout of this feature.

© Alessandro Paluzzi

Towards more monetization on social networks?

The Exclusive Stories are reminiscent of the Super Follow sur Twitter. Additional exclusive content will be available to people who have subscribed to an account.

Monetizable content seems to be becoming a new trend on social networks. YouTube has already taken the leap with its premium subscription. Twitter’s Super Follow feature is currently in the testing phase. And now Instagram is preparing its own solution. For these companies, this responds to a need to diversify their income.

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