Instagram unveils plans for parental controls

Instragram unveils plans for parental controls. The first dedicated tools should arrive in March 2022.

A few months ago we learned that Instagram intended to develop a platform especially for children, before, it seems, deciding to put this project on hiatus. For parents who have teens on Instagram and are worried about the kind of content their kids can see and interact with, Instagram today is announcing its willingness to introduce some parental control features in its application.

Instagram unveils plans for parental controls

According to Instagram Director Adam Mosseri, “Parents and other guardians know what’s best for their teens, so we plan to launch our first tools next March to help them guide and support their teens on Instagram. . Parents and guardians will be able to find out how much time their teens are spending on Instagram and set time limits. ”

The first tools should arrive in March 2022

And Adam Mosseri goes on to give some indication of the features in question: “We are also going to offer teens a new option to let their parents or guardians know if they report someone, thus giving parents the opportunity to discuss it with them. their children. This will be the first version of these tools; we will continue to add more options over time. ” There will also be additional resources available in the form of an education hub that will contain tutorials, tips and more.

By the way, if you remember, Instagram announced a “take a break” feature some time ago. Today, this function seems to be sufficiently successful since the platform has decided to activate it in a certain number of countries. It is now available in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Hopefully all of these measures will allow young and old alike to be less addicted to the messaging platform.

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