iOS 14.7 will fix the WiFi deactivation problem

The WiFi deactivation bug will soon be a thing of the past. It will be fixed with version iOS 14.7.

Bugs are inevitable on our electronic devices. When these are hardware, it is very unfortunate, but fortunately, more often than not, they are only software and can therefore be corrected via an update. Sure iOS, some users see their phone’s WiFi turned off. A hotfix coming very soon.

A fix for the WiFi deactivation bug on iPhones

As some of you may have read here or there, or even experienced, a bug was recently discovered in iOS. If you join a WiFi network with% p or% s in its name, the WiFi of theiPhone was then deactivated. Some users even had to completely reset their device in order to regain use of WiFi.

will arrive with version iOS 14.7

While this is an easy bug to avoid, the very fact that it exists is a problem. The good news is that the Cupertino company is aware of this problem and a fix should be delivered with the version of iOS 14.7. iOS 14.6 is the current version, and the latest. This means that no matter when iOS 14.7 was deployed, then the bug should be history.

That being said, no one knows when this version will be available. We are currently in beta 5. In other words, it probably won’t be long before the final version is released to the public. This is not the first time that we have heard of strange texts causing problems in iOS. Latest example, some texts in iMessage could totally crash an iPhone.

This bug seems to only affect iOS devices. A phone Android who would connect to the same network is not affected. In other words, Android users don’t have to worry about it.

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