iPad Pro & Galaxy Tab S7: o2 provides good reasons to opt for a new tariff now

A Galaxy Tab S7 is a fine thing – but is an iPad Pro better? We show that this question is not easy to answer. But once the choice has been made, it becomes easier again: in a bundle with an O2 tariff, each of these tablets is a bargain.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 or Apple iPad Pro 11: good deals, tricky choice

A good tablet is as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife: the video stream on the terrace, the e-paper reading in the park, the pedagogically not quite perfect entertainment for the youngsters with cartoons and music videos – with the practical devices you get the best entertainment every place. But also the completion of an important presentation or the working through of important data for the next semester paper can be done comfortably and comfortably. With the Samsung Galaxy S7 LTE and the Apple iPad Pro 11 5G, o2 has the right device for every requirement. In combination with a data tariff, this is actually quite cheap:

you receive

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 LTE or Apple iPad Pro 11 5G
  • one month unlimited data volume at the start
  • o2 my-Data-M tariff with 20 GByte data volume and fair tariff structure

What it all costs you depends on the tablet model you choose. For the station wagon with the Galaxy Tab S7 will cost 103.98 euros one-time and 39.99 euros per month due. Go for that iPad Pro 11 5G, it is a one-time fee of 79.98 euros and 49.99 euros per month. Still not sure? In the following we give you four good reasons to choose o2.

CHIP network test 2021 proves: o2 network quality almost on par with the test winner

They existed, the times in which o2 clearly lagged the competition in terms of network quality. But that has long been a thing of the past: CHIP states on a large scale Network test 2020/2021: “The o2-Netz received the school grade” Good “from us this year, but the gap to a” Very good “is small.” Noticeable: the network outside the cities is much better positioned than last year. In the big metropolises, o2 is now proving to be completely competitive. That is why o2 received, among other things, the record of “climber of the year”. Especially when it comes to expanding the pioneering 5G technology, o2 is not only proving to be on a par with the competition from Telekom and Vodafone, but is also sometimes a step ahead.

One month of unlimited high-speed data volume

Get to know o2 from its best side! Enjoy unlimited data volume for mobile surfing with up to 300 Mbit / s in download and up to 50 Mbit / s in upload for one month. While the iPad can receive 5G radio data transmission, the Tab S7 “only” has LTE reception (theoretically up to 500 Mbit / s can be received with it). There is one small restriction, however: The bonus is only available to new customers. In addition, it cannot be combined with other special conditions (e.g. combi-advantage).

Fair tariff structure: The day nothing at o2

o2 deals fairly with its customers and relies on transparency: The split of the bills into smartphone and tariff rates lets customers see at a glance that the smartphone will be paid off at some point. As a rule – also here – bundle tariffs run for 24 months. After that, the amount for the Tab S7 or the iPad Pro will no longer be debited. The day nothing from o2 is an important step towards more transparency in mobile phone contracts. Once you have reached your NiX day, your o2-My-Handy contract has been paid off in full. Do you want a new device regardless of your mobile phone contract? Then just have a look around in the o2 online shop and choose a smartphone, a tablet or a great accessory. If you want to extend your mobile phone contract, you can do this conveniently online and order a new device at the same time.

Which tablet is the perfect one for you? Tab S7 LTE and iPad Pro 11 5G in direct comparison

How can something look so similar and then be so different? The Galaxy Tab S7 LTE and the iPad Pro 11 inch are tablets that are roughly the same size and also have the same weight. The Samsung weighs about 30 grams more than the Apple device. The iPad is a bit shorter and taller than the Samsung tablet. Inside, however, it looks completely different: The Snapdragon 865+ from Qualcomm, which does its job in the Tab S7, is one of the best processors that can handle all mobile challenges very well.

The M1 of the iPad Pro, on the other hand, is a processor that also looks good on desktop PCs and notebooks: in terms of performance, the iPad actually plays in a completely different league. The question is: who will notice? The answer: Only people who actually work productively with the tablet and have to edit very large files such as CAD drawings, complex graphics or extensive dossiers with many images. The slightly larger memory (iPad: 8 GB; Tab S7: 6 GB) and the much more powerful CPU score points here. For all other users there are – if you disregard the operating system – no noticeable differences. Of course, for many Apple disciples it is not primarily a matter of whether you can also take advantage of the capabilities of their new device … Whoever purchases the iPad Pro as a prestige object – or because it fits in well with the existing Apple ecosystem fits at home – the choice should soon be clear to him anyway. However, if you already use Android smartphones, you should consider purchasing the Samsung tablet and benefit from the seamless switch between devices.

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