It is forbidden to keep a copy and expiration date

Guido Scorsa, member of the Guarantor for the protection of personal data, warns the owners of gyms and sports centers: forbidden keep a copy of the Green Pass with the Expiration date. The authority has received several reports on this type of request, deemed necessary for registration or attendance. Meanwhile, the amendment extending to 12 months the validity of the green certificate.

It is forbidden to ask for a copy of the Green Pass

Following the entry into force of the obligation of Green Pass Numerous complaints about the verification procedure have been received from various businesses. In order not to waste time checking customer certificates, someone thought of carrying out the verification in advance, as pointed out by Avv. Guido Scorza. Some gyms ask for one to be sent copia del Green Pass, together with the certificate of sound and robust constitution.

Scorza reminds that the only allowed method is the control at the entrance through theapp VerificaC19, as only the validity of the certificate is determined. The scan does not reveal the condition (vaccine, swab or cure) that led to the issue of the Green Pass or its expiration date.

These two information are instead present on the copy of the certificate, therefore the gyms commit one violation of the regulations on the protection of personal data. It is therefore It is absolutely forbidden to ask for and keep a copy of the Green Pass, as (unsafe) databases would multiply with more information than necessary.

The expiration date makes it possible to know if the customer has received the vaccine, made the swab or had the virus. By the way the copy is no longer valid if the subscriber was infected before the deadline. Without an entrance check, it could infect other gym-goers.

The amendment passed yesterday extends to 12 months the validity of the Green Pass for citizens vaccinated with two doses and for those recovered vaccinated with one dose. The certificate can also be obtained with a salivary test. The news should be approved by Parliament next week.

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