Italian first (today, on offer)

Among the offers of the day from Amazon is the book by Vera Gheno “Italian first“. Although the subtlety of the title is expressly meant to grab attention, the meaning is clear: “how to write well, speak better and not make a bad impression“. And for all of this even just € 1.99 are enough today. Su Kindle.

Italian first

Write well, speak better: something too many Italians would badly need. Ours is a language heavily pulled by the jacket by a driving orality, which puts a strain on the thousand nuances of a vocabulary with unspeakable history, richness and cultural content. All this beauty, however, transforms our language into one of the most complex, and worst used, in the world.

The book by Vera Gheno partly has a training purpose and partly an educational objective: to return to appreciate the beauty of Italian and commit to using it better as a common good that each of us can boast of:

The way we speak and write constantly qualifies us in the eyes of others: in many ways we are the language we use and, based on this, we will be constantly subjected to the judgment of others. On a thousand occasions, a syntax or spelling error, the choice of a wrong tense or even the useless stiffening of a rule, which we may remember inaccurately from school days, can contribute not only to make us look bad. , but in some cases also lead to serious repercussions both on a personal and professional level. In this book, a review of the errors which, still today, cause a social stigma, ie are perceived as indicators of poor culture, is presented, documented with numerous examples taken from use and explained; to these has been added a brief review of alleged errors which instead deserve to be subjected to a more detailed examination: we will discover that perhaps they are less wrong than we imagined.

A book written in a very discursive Italian (although impeccable) and very easy to understand, to recompose the connection of Italians with their language and build a “stil novo” reimagined in the times of rampant tweets and emojis.

The language changes and it should be so, because it represents the formatting of our thinking and our way of interpreting the world. The important thing is that the change follows useful lines and not simple roads of convenience. Recovering the thread of the discussion is fundamental, starting from what is most important for all of us: Italian first.

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