Italy-Spain, European semi-final: how to watch it in streaming

Everything is ready: close your suitcases, you go to Wembley! Tonight, starting at 9 pm, we will experience the very heartfelt semi-final of the European Championships, with two teams ready to field not only a great game, but also the taste for a good game. L’Italy by Mancini and the Spain by Luis Enrique compete for access to the Final, but arrive with two different routes: immaculate the Italian one, tormented the Spanish one. However, this is Italy which has risen from the ashes of the previous course, while Spain is successfully renovating a pool of players of the highest quality. We will follow all this more and more in streaming, the new true dimension of the football show on smartphone and TV.

Italy-Spain: how to follow the Euro 2020 semi-final in streaming

If you don’t have a TV and a sofa available, there are two possibilities to follow Italy in streaming wherever you are:

In the first case, the live broadcast can be accessed via the RaiPlay site or through the official app (the latter is highly recommended due to the interface and streaming stability); in the second case it is possible to take advantage of the free viewing of the Sky Calcio channel which in this period allows free access to satellite and streaming viewing of all European matches: downloading the app and entering your customer data are sufficient to enable the start of the live broadcast.

If you want to broadcast the game on TV or on a projector, you can use tools such as Fire TV Stick O Google Chromecast, connecting them to the Wifi network and using them to project RaiPlay contents.

The show will start early with what should be a tribute to Raffaella Carrà, a character dear to both the Italian and the Spanish world. The emotion will therefore leave room for the sporting spectacle, which all of Europe is ready to admire to glimpse what will be the first finalist of this beautiful European championship “Euro 2020“.

If you are abroad and want to follow the game with Italian commentary, you can take advantage of Sky Go if you are a Sky Italia subscriber, but you will not be able to use RaiPlay by virtue of the blocking of the video stream outside our country. In this case, you can still get around this by using a VPN (here all the instructions).

The danger of streaming

If you watch the game in streaming, pay attention to one detail: it is advisable to isolate yourself adequately from the outside world, from smartphone notifications, from sounds coming from nearby houses and so on: streaming is in fact delayed by about 30 seconds compared to the traditional television signal and this could lead to unwanted external spoilers about what is happening. Hearing a roar from afar could be dangerous for your experience as a fan.

Who made the stake?

Excuse me, who made the stake?

Watch the game in streaming, in short, it is extremely convenient, but at the same time it has this small contraindication to take into consideration (the advice will also apply to Serie A e Champions League that will come).

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