July 2021 Core Update: Google updates its algorithms again

This is the continuation of its previous update, deployed last June.

No break for Google algorithms: a new update is launched on July 1st! © Google

It is through a tweet that Google announces that it is carrying out a new major update to its algorithms, which allow it to rank the results in its index: the July 2021 Core Update. As with the previous developments carried out during the year, the search engine provides very little information on the outlines of its new update.

The sequel to the June 2021 Core Update

If this update seems similar to those that Google deploys several times a year on its engine, it nevertheless has a particularity: it is the continuation of the June 2021 Core Update launched on June 2. In a thread, the American firm had indeed specified that this update of June 2021 would be followed by a new major development, and that it was scheduled for the month of July.

Why did you launch a new update so close to the previous one? Google did not have time to integrate all the desired optimizations during the June 2021 Core Update, so it warned that the rest of the new features would be added during the next one, namely the July 2021 Core Update. Its deployment should be completed within one to two weeks.

July 2021 Core Update: which actions should be taken as a priority?

Although no site is specifically targeted by this type of update, which allows Google to make changes in order to improve the user experience and the quality of the results it offers them, it generally represents a source of concern for SEOs and SEO professionals.

It is above all advisable not to panic. To anticipate potential variations in your organic traffic, you can start by launching an analysis of your site, comparing the results with the previous period on Google Analytics. Then, it is recommended to monitor the positioning of your keywords to detect if the update of July 2021 could have impacted the performance of your pages.

Don’t hesitate to use SEO monitoring tools to help you understand and follow these different SEO indicators, and thus adjust your next actions.

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