Kate Bush talks about Stranger Things in a rare interview

Kate Bush is at the top of all the major rankings in the world: his Running Up That Hill is number 1 in UK, Australia and for the first time on the American Billboard Global 200 chart, while it placed fourth on the even more prestigious Billboard Hot 100, a position that marks its debut in the main American top 10. Also in Italyaccording to Fimi, has been in the standings for three weeks and now ranks in the number 23, not bad considering that our country prefers local individuals. This renewed success, for the refined icon of eighties pop music, is to be attributed as it is now known to soundtrack by Stranger Thingswho made his 1985 song a very fundamental use for the performance of the episodes of the fourth season.


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This exploit comes even more unexpected considering the fact that, after the last concerts at London’s Hammersmiths Apollo in 2014 and some compilations of hits and rarities over the past few years, the now 63-year-old artist was somehow withdrawn from the public arena. The uproar aroused by Stranger Things even pushed her to release one rare interviewsomething that hasn’t happened for years: “It is truly extraordinary. I mean, it’s such a great series. I thought the song would attract some attention, but I never imagined it would reach these proportions“, He told BBC Radio 4:”It is really exciting. It’s a little shocking, isn’t it? The whole world has gone mad“. The singer, fan of Stranger Things of the first hour, appreciate the way the song is become integral to the plot: “I think they put it in a special place. A very positive way to use it, as a kind of talisman for Max. Very touching“.

Thanking i Duffer brothers who chose her in the soundtrack, Bush also reflected on new generations who only now become aware of his music: “What’s really extraordinary is that this is a new kind of audience that in many cases had never heard of me, and I love that.“, She continues:”The thought that all these young people are hearing this song for the first time and discovering it, well I think it’s something special“. This week his greatest hits The Whole Story could enter the top 10 of the UK album chart, continuing to revive the success of one elegant, refined and experimental star like Kate Bush: now we have no more excuses for not loving her.

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