Kindle Unlimited free for 3 months: how to read all summer without spending a euro

Book lovers have in front of you a summer of unlimited reading. The e-commerce giant Amazon has just announced the introduction of its service Kindle Unlimited with a trial period of 3 months, compared to the 30 days normally applied. The service actually has been around for yearsand provides a catalog of a million ebooks readable on Kindle readers but also on computers, smartphones and tablets. Once subscribed, all works – from novels to non-fiction – remain available at no additional cost for the entire period of subscription to the service; With the’extension of the trial period to 90 daysin short, weeks of literary immersion at no cost are expected.

What you need to read for free for 3 months

To access the trial period of the service the main condition is have an active Amazon Prime account, the fast delivery service that you can sign up for for 36 euros a year or 3.99 euros a month. Also in this case, non-subscribers can take advantage of a trial period of the service, which however lasts 30 days at the end of which the experience with the free trial of Kindle Unlimited also ends. The procedure is simple to follow, starting with page dedicated to new users and following the instructions; for students prices are halved and the trial period is 3 months.

The second condition to be able to take advantage of the offer is not to have never activated the trial period before Kindle Unlimited on the account used. In that case, unfortunately, it will not be possible to repeat the experience, and the only solution to access the catalog by subscription is to use another Amazon account or register for all purposes.

Where you can read with Kindle Unlimited

The third and final requirement to be able to read Kindle Unlimited books for free for three months is to have a compatible product to view them. The over a million books are in the Amazon ebook format, and is part of the Kindle Store catalog. The works can be downloaded digitally on these devices:

  • Kindle ebook readers (for the undecided there is ours guide which one to choose)
  • Smartphone Android e iOS (tramite app)
  • iPad (via app)
  • Tablet Android (tramite app)
  • Tablet Amazon Fire (tramite app)
  • Computer (tramite browser)

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