Kindle Vella is a new business model

The world of book publishing could experience a new, further evolution through the Kindle world. It will happen if the new project Kindle Vella he will be able to meet expectations and meet the right “creators” and the right audience through what they want to be “serial” books.

Kindle Vella

The essence of the project lies in the fact that the story will not be packaged in volumes, but in episodes. To unlock a new episode and continue, it will be necessary to deposit a certain number of “tokens” on the app and the latter will be acquired – obviously – through Amazon credits. The evolution is certainly not trivial: if the read text is not sufficiently engaging and the story is not sufficiently elaborated, it will be difficult to keep the reader. A high “engagement”, on the other hand, could lead to high remuneration and thus make the format rich enough to imagine investing time and creativity in it.

The first episode of each story will be free, since it represents the meeting point in which the author must be able to capture the reader’s attention. If he does not succeed in the opening words, he will automatically have no further possibilities; if he succeeds, however, he will have the opportunity to bind the reader to himself. Should the number of readers increase, the stimuli for the author will increase at the same time, who will have an indirect, remote dialogue with his audience to guide the story where the tokens want it to go: towards new stimuli, without interruption. .

Potentially arises around Kindle Vella a completely new way of thinking about the book business model: a transposition similar to that from movies to TV series is created and in this dimension new literary strands could be born, with a fast pace and a plot tied to the progress of the chapters. The price is approximately equal to 1 token every 100 words and each token is approximately equivalent to 1 euro (a price that at first glance seems high).

To understand how and if Vella will be able to play his cards, we will have to wait for the Kindle audience to start tasting his first creations: a virtuous attempt, to be followed with great curiosity.

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