Kobo Elipsa, the ereader that also becomes a notebook

The Kobo Elipsa introduces the ability to write on the ereader’s screen. And the result is interesting.

In the line of evolution of ebook reader in the last 2 years we have seen a kind of acceleration. After a long time in which it seemed that the only possible innovation was to improve the definition and brightness of the e-ink screens, they appeared the first color ebook reader and the ereaders where you can also write, like the Remarkable 2, and for a few days, the Kobo Ellipse (400 euros), which broadens the concept of ereader to that of a useful device not only in free time, but also in study and work. In fact, the ebook functions are joined by those of notepads with a 10.3-inch display and “capacitive” stylus pen, that is capable of recognizing the pressure of the stroke on the screen.

Write on the Kobo Elipsa

As we said, it is not the first time that the e-ink screen has encountered the possibility of writing. The news is that this time it is Kobo, a strong ecosystem of agreements with publishers from all over the world. And then the Elipsa represents a further step forward thanks to a screen that is particularly responsive to the passage of the pen (the one provided by the package powered by a mini stylus). The gap between the writing is the moment in which the word appears on the page does not last that a few fractions of a second. Taking notes or drawing diagrams is effortless. And this is particularly useful with the texts that we consult for study or work reasons: it is easier to underline, to add footnotes, without fear of ruining the book as it is with paper texts. Because on the Kobo Elipsa, the notes can also be deleted (just click on one of the side buttons of the pen, ed).

Handwriting recognition

The most surprising thing about the Kobo Elipsa, in the notebook function, is precisely the ability to recognize the words we write and convert them into block letters. Even if – as in the case of the writer of this article – your handwriting is quite incomprehensible, the recognition system is very effective and very little escapes it. Even those who take notes in a hurry shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding them in order afterwards. Of course, there is a limit to everything. In front of some spellings (such as those of doctors) even the artificial intelligence must surrender.

A size problem

If we really had to recognize a limit to this ebook reader are the dimensions: accustomed to the handling of 7-inch ereaders that weigh less than 200 grams, a 10-inch ereader that weighs 380 can be a bit uncomfortable. Unless you use it for study or work: in that case maybe the pages justify the width of the screen. Ditto the comics, so far not very sensitive to digital sirens also because of the reduced screens. Even those who use the Pocket application that allows you to save articles taken from the web in readable format on Kobo ereaders could appreciate it. Among other things, the display is equipped with a gyroscope and a thicker bezel on one side for a better grip.

Kobo Elipsa vs. tablet

To the question “why on earth should I buy a 10-inch ereader and at this price when I could easily get a tablet?” the answer is intuitive: because e-ink screen ereaders, like this one, consume much less battery, do not tire the eyes and are not afraid of the reflections of sunlight that plague the reading of any tablet outdoors. And then because the Kobo Elipsa allows you to write on books and “consume” them a bit like you do with paper ones, which seems to help learning.

4 details on the Kobo Elipsa

  • The Kobo Elipsa has a sleep cover that puts it to rest whenever it is closed, which also holds the Kobo Stylus and can be folded, so as to turn into a music stand.
  • The Kobo Elipsa has a wi-fi connection, which, for example, allows you to connect to library sites to quickly get an ebook (in Italy the service is provided by MLOL). Web browsing is less comfortable: but who would use a black and white ereader with an e-ink screen for the web?
  • The notes taken in the Kobo Elipsa notepads can be kept on Dropbox: one click is enough to activate the synchronization.
  • The Kobo Elipsa has 32GB of space for books, notes, and more.

Wired: In addition to being an ebook, it is a notebook that also recognizes our handwriting and makes us the notes taken in haste in block capitals (almost perfect).
Tired: the dimensions that make it more of a study and work tool than a leisure ereader.

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