Lakes under the Antarctic ice, seen from space

A look under the ice sheet of the southern hemisphere, thanks to powerful laser instruments from NASA

Under the ice cap in Antarctica, deep down, they hide hundreds of ponds with melt water. Thanks to a very powerful laser, i satellites they are able to “smell” them from Earth’s orbit, and with great precision.

The instrument is the Earth observation laser device more advanced that the Nasa has ever sent into space, and is able to understand what lies beneath the white blanket of glaciers, across thousands of meters, where the ice meets the rock below. In this video, released by the Goddard Center of the American Space Agency, a hypothesis on the appearance of these reservoirs and on how their drainage system can work: a very active process and which, according to scientists, has no impact. negligible on the equilibrium of the oceanic habitat.

(Credit video: Nasa’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Scientific Visualization Studio)

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