LBank Exchange follows Binance’s lead: new hires in progress

Everyone is now aware, like it or not, that we are facing a cryptographic winter. This has led to several exchanges making important and, very often, unpopular decisions. How Coinbase which fired 1,100 employees. On the other hand, the reaction of LBank.

This cryptocurrency exchange, in fact, compared to many others, has not decided to make staff cuts. On the contrary, it has announced a plan that it foresees new hires of talents in the crypto and blockchain world. In short, a decision that goes against the grain of what many would expect.

a part is given Nexo has announced a plan to provide liquidity to troubled exchanges, LBankinstead, he is thinking of adding new staff to his staff professional roles and coveted. This will allow the company to build a winning plan for its future business plan.

Recall that even the CEO of Binance, Changpeng CZ Zhao, said the company would move to provide new hires. Therefore, following the example of Binance, LBank has decided to organize to increase the staff in its global offices.

You can decide to open a free account on Binance today. This exchange, first in the world by volume of transactions, offers a universe of features for your crypto trading. In addition, it is also proposed with a section dedicated to NFT and Fan Token.

LBank and the strength of its ecosystem

The co-founder and CEO of LeBank, Allen Wai, strongly believes in the projects of this crypto exchange. Like Nexo, he also explained that the company is in a favorable moment thanks to his solidity commercial and economic:

We believe in weathering the storm before the sunny day. LBank is building a strong ecosystem with users as the hub and the structure we all enjoy today was created by a team of brilliant minds. For us, this is a great time to bring more talent out there who may have sadly lost their livelihood.

Therefore LBank He will use this opportunity not only to increase brilliant minds in his business, but also to help those of these talents now find themselves out of work. The success of his plans are not just words, they are also seen in deeds.

LBank currently it has grown a lot. In fact, its recent market valuations count over $ 1.7 billion in daily transactions. Furthermore, the company is investing in several ecological cryptographic projects with important collaborations.

In short, LBank in part it is following the path traced by Binancefirst in the world by volume of trade. You too open a free account on this exchange and take advantage of its advantages to invest in cryptocurrencies, digital assets, NFTs and Fan Tokens.

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