Legends, a new Battle Royale experience with melee and magic

The hazardous and mystical world of Hunter’s Arena: Legends lets you discover.

Taking place in a fictional world that draws its inspiration from ancient East Asia, Hunter’s Arena : Legends features a combat system that resembles those in combat from a martial arts movie. This one centers around aerial combos against enemies and decisively countering your opponent to turn the fight around. Designed to provide a unique experience in the Battle Royale genre, players will be brought in to encounter both PvP and PvE elements. For PvE fans, you will be able to explore dungeons and kill demonic bosses to get rare items and get stronger. For fans of fast paced PvP battles, you will be able to hunt other hunters to level up and prove that you are the ultimate hunter.

It will be possible to choose from 17 unique hunters each time you enter the arena. Each hunter has a distinct fighting style and is a master of the eastern sword and powerful spells. Try to customize your hunter and show your combat style with the many weapon skins and emotes.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends and its game modes

  • Solo: A free-for-all in which your hunting skills are put to the test. In this mode, you enjoy a lot of freedom, since you don’t have to face other hunters to win. Instead, you must explore dungeons and defeat powerful bosses to get loot and gain power. What’s interesting is that you have quite the option of teaming up with other players to take down a mighty demon. But once the boss is defeated, it’s a whole different story. The alliance that was formed can quickly turn into a fight to the death to get their hands on the precious loot.
  • Trio: The fights are more delicate since teamwork is very important. Communicate with your teammates before the start of the match to include Hunters who benefit from a good osmosis in their skills. For example, Gyeonjo can protect his allies with shields and block enemy projectiles. Jun, my favorite Hunter, can draw enemies from afar. This is a very useful ability to break the formation of another trio
  • Team Combat: A special challenge where everything relies on your sword and martial arts skills, while your survival skills take a back seat. You enter the arena with two Hunters of your choice to face your opponent, until one of you emerges victorious. This mode is similar to traditional fighting games. This is your opportunity to show off your mastery of combos and combat techniques. What matters most in Team Combat mode is knowing precisely each ability of your Hunters to chain together combos and react quickly to enemy assaults. If you think you’ve got what it takes, head to the Team Battle arena to climb to the top of the leaderboards

A trailer for Hunter’s Arena: Legends

Hunter’s Arena: Legends will be released on August 3 on PS5, PS4 and PC (end of early access). Mantisco’s 30-player Battle Royale will also be available for free to members of the Playstation plus for a month.

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