LEGO increasingly digital: in the metaverse and beyond

We will continue to build sets and creations with the traditional bricks that have made the brand famous all over the planet, but the future of LEGO will also be digital. The company has announced its intention to focus on this front with decision, first of all by tripling the number of software engineers at its service. This is yet another step in the path that has already led to the opening of three Digital Hubs around the world: in London, Shanghai and more recently in Copenhagen.

Not just bricks: the digital future of LEGO

In the viewfinder, in all likelihood, too internal video game development. The titles have so far been entrusted to third-party studios. These are the words of Niels Christiansen, number one of the group, who confirmed an investment worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Vision is what it will lead to conceive physical and digital products as a single entitytwo bricks indissolubly stuck on each other.

Now, we are seeing a kind of convergence, so it is easier to connect the two experiences into one. On the digital front, we are significantly increasing our skills, bringing internally tasks previously carried out externally. Today our biggest investment takes shape.

We know that LEGO has already targeted the metaversothanks to’agreement signed in the past few weeks with Epic Games. The announced project will rest on three pillars: each application will have to take into account the safety and accessibility criteria for children, privacy will be safeguarded and it will be necessary to offer the necessary tools to ensure full control of the experience. We can imagine something similar to what we have already seen with Roblox or Minecraft.

Already today, some products in the catalog provide some sort of integration with software and applications. This is, for example, the case of paths inspired by the universe of Super Mario or gods remote controlled vehicles to be controlled with a mobile application on smartphone.

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