LensHD, a mini eyeglass washing machine

LensHD is a washing machine, a mini glasses washing machine. An innovative solution to a problem that can be frustrating on a daily basis …

For many of us, glasses are an accessory that is difficult to live without. Some do not see anything without, others must wear them to relieve their eyes. And for eyeglass wearers, the cleaning step is mandatory, often several times a day. Here is LensHD, a device of another kind, a mini glasses washing machine.

LensHD, a mini eyeglass washing machine

Cleaning your glasses is a real chore, the glasses get dirty very easily and very often, and you have to go through the cleaning box several times a day. Unless you like carrying a cleaning kit and doing that cleaning whenever needed … That being said, the designers of LensHD want to change all that.

Compact, to connect in USB-C, practical!

The LensHD is a small gadget which could very easily be described as an eyeglass washing machine. The set is compact enough to find its place on a desk so that whenever you need to clean your glasses, you just have to place them inside. Its operation is very simple. Just place the glasses in LensHD and four small microfiber sponges will do their job.

These sponges rotate when the device is on, cleaning the front and back of the glasses. No need for water or any cleaning solution, but it is possible to add a few drops of a cleaning product to speed up the process and make it more efficient.

The LensHD is powered by a USB-C cable which means that in theory you should be able to plug it into a regular external battery. Impossible to judge the efficiency of this mini glasses washing machine as the device is not yet commercially available but if you are interested, you can reserve your LensHD on the page Kickstarter. Note that it will cost you $ 79 (€ 67), excluding shipping costs. The first deliveries are expected next November.

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