LiDAR would remain exclusive to Apple iPhone 13 Pro

LiDAR would still be reserved for iPhone Pro this year, according to information from Dylandkt on Twitter.

L’iPhone 13 is on everyone’s lips, the new generation should arrive in a few months and as usual, it is the great ballet of rumors and other leaks. Everyone goes there with their little information. Today we are talking about LiDAR. A feature that should remain exclusive to Pro models this year again.

LiDAR would be reserved for iPhone Pro again this year

Last year, when Apple launched its iPhone 12, the Cupertino company introduced the LiDAR scanner in its Pro models. Technology was expected to find its way into all models this year but according to a report by Dylandkt on Twitter, LiDAR will remain exclusive to Pro models.

According to information from Dylandkt on Twitter

According to the tweet, Apple initially planned to integrate this technology into all iPhone 13 models but the Apple brand eventually changed its mind. Impossible to know the precise reason. Perhaps it has to do with the shortage of components currently affecting the planet. Or maybe the cost was still too high. Anyway, LiDAR point on non-Pro iPhones this year.

How will this affect customers? Right now, Apple is using LiDAR in its iPhone 12 to help improve the augmented reality experience. This is particularly useful with Portrait mode, night mode, camera improvements and the technology can even measure a person. This doesn’t mean that non-Pro iPhones will have a poor quality camera, it’s just that LiDAR improves the overall picture even further.

If you’re not really interested in that, it won’t be a big gap, but if you were hoping to be able to take advantage of it, then you will have to go for a Pro model this year.

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