Marketing Data Strategy: data, experience, sales

The key is there customization. Although this intuition has now rooted in the e-commerce experience for many years, too often this dogma has been isolated to the mere perception of the product, without the right focus on the shopping experience. Instead, it is precisely in this area that today it is possible to make a difference:

By integrating the data available to companies, collected through advertising panels, CRM, website, landing pages and transactions, it is possible to structure a highly personalized shopping experience for the user, improving key company metrics, such as rate successful in qualifying leads, Customer Acquisition Cost and Conversion Rate.

F2 Innovation

Just from F2 Innovation comes one free masterclass focused on this specific competence, ie the ability to implement an effective one Marketing Data Strategy for the best integration of all data available to individual users and customers. The data speak for themselves: 86% of potential customers say they are willing to pay up to 25% more for a product / service in order to have a positive, personalized and satisfying shopping experience.

Marketing Data Strategy

The event will take place today, Friday 2 July 2021 at 16:00, and will be edited by Alessandro Cavallo, Managing Partner of F2 Innovation, Entrepreneur, Advisor and Adjunct Professor in digital marketing at Lumsa, Teacher and Mentor at Luiss Business School, assisted by Davide Campofredano, COO F2 Innovation, formerly Head of Digital Marketing for Save the Children and Client Consultant in Havas Media Group. Participation is free prior request a free pass at this link and the appointment recorded an immediate record of registrations as proof of interest in the subject.

Four points in the program:

  • How to proceed with a correct mapping of the Customer Journey: from the analysis of the touch points, to the stages and marketing channels;
  • How to set up an effective Data Discovery: from data collection to a unified view of data to identify trends and insights to guide business strategies;
  • How to use Process Mining for the analysis of marketing processes and the identification of bottlenecks;
  • How to optimize CRM processes and business metrics thanks to Customer Data.

L’event today is dedicated to entrepreneurs, marketing and IT managers who are evaluating how to optimize their sales processes to optimize their performance through the value that data is able to express: personalization is the first tool, as long as the path is clear and the method to be able to pursue the optimization of conversions.

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