Masks, where and when we have to wear them from today

From Monday 28 June the masks no longer have to be worn outdoors in the “white” regions, but will continue to serve. Here’s where and when

No more obligation of outdoor masks throughout Italy bianca. Come announced, on the basis of the opinion of the CTS experts, the Ministry of Health confirms that from 28 June 2021 there is no obligation to cover your nose and mouth in open places, but with some precautions ed exceptions. In case of gatherings, for example, they must be worn anyway, just as the obligation remains indoors. Here’s how to behave.

Outdoors: no obligation, but …

According to the new ordinance It’s not necessary any more wear masks in places outdoors. However personal protective equipment (dpi) goes always kept with them and worn in case of gatherings, such as markets e exhibitions, O in coda for access to a service. The experts of the CTS, however, advise the fragile subjects (elderly, immunocompromised, etc) and theirs caregiver to continue use them regardless.

On public transport: obligation

Even on public transport we will have to continue to wear dpi covering both nose and mouth. A little more elasticity is allowed while waiting for the transport at the stops outdoors: the mask can be held lowered if there aren’t too many people and if you keep them distances.

Indoors: mandatory

In closed places (give public offices ai surgeries, dai shops ai museums, etc) there is still theobligation to wear masks.

Despite the fact that in the last week in almost all of Italy the new cases of coronavirus infection are less than 50 per 100 thousand inhabitants, the ministry gave no signals of an imminent fall of the obligation, even if in the presence of sun vaccinated people. The hypothesis would be on the plate, or at least that’s what the statements of the Undersecretary of Health Sileri and the coordinator of the CTS Franco Locatelli seemed to suggest, but there is no forecast on the timing. Same goes for the use of masks in the classroom next school year: as the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi said, the decision will also be based on opinion of the Cts in the light of epidemiological situation.

Unfortunately, we cannot let our guard down yet: the new ones variants, especially the Delta in its own different subtypes, they might questioning even these signs of a return to normal. Therefore it is best not to archive the security measures that have accompanied us since the first months of 2020 and that contribute to keep coronavirus circulation low.

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