Michelin’s digital transformation: strategy, method and sought-after IT profiles

Michelin’s digital transformation is carried out by placing people at the center of its concerns. © Gorodenkoff – stock.adobe.com

World leader in tire manufacturing, the Michelin group provides IT solutions and services for internal functions, but also for external customers and partners. ” The IS team supports all of the group’s activities and businesses, whether manufacturing, supply chain, R&D, financial flows, commercial activities, not to mention personnel management, purchasing, legal, etc. Communication… », Explains Yves Caseau, CIO of Michelin.

What does Michelin’s digital transformation consist of?

The digitization of the group aims to support the development strategy around its products and services with a view to diversifying its activities, whether they are directly related to tires, whether they allow solutions for fleets (connected tires, understanding uses related to driving, etc.) or to offer additional experiences to the company’s customers.

3 areas of development have thus been targeted:

  1. transforming business models by reinventing the way offers and services are marketed to customers,
  2. the evolution of working methods by promoting digital collaboration through tools that facilitate cross-functional work,
  3. the simplification of processes thanks to digitization.

« Digital transformation is an integral part of our strategy. Digital brings simplicity to our customers and employees, this is what we call symmetry of attention. Our ambition is to be a digital catalyst and a partner for each Michelin business function, in order to participate in the creation of value and innovation. », Continues the CIO. All businesses are affected, from the supply chain to logistics, including the marketing department. ” We rely on digital solutions to simplify our processes, always better meet the needs of our customers while developing innovative services », confirme Cécile Latour, chief of staff for application, development & maintenance.

Michelin is recruiting around fifty IT profiles, both junior and experienced, in many fields! © Michelin

People at the heart of Michelin’s digitization

The digital transformation of the tire company is done by placing people at the center of its concerns. Because beyond the tools or technologies used, digitization remains above all a state of mind to instill within teams. ” The digital transformation will serve as a driving force for the development of our strategic model and our human and social model. It will allow us to make progress in all dimensions of the company. At Michelin, digital will succeed because it will be human », Emphasizes Florent Menegaux, Chairman of the Group during Digital Week in Clermont-Ferrand.

New Lean and Agile methods have been implemented to support the change in the design of the group’s digital solutions. ” We provide teams with all the necessary means to manage a project from start to finish. Accountability is at the heart of our methods. We also seek to develop multi-skilled teams capable of embracing a wider spectrum of activities and of interacting with a wide variety of interlocutors. For example, an IT developer will need to be in contact with technical or business experts located in France, India, the United States, or Asia. », Adds Cécile Latour. Thus, employees benefit from greater wealth in their activities, their missions and the experience they acquire in the company.

With 4 women sitting on the executive committee and 25% feminization of the IS workforce, diversity is one of the group’s priorities. ” Michelin wants to be a mirror of society. All diversity must therefore be represented in our teams, in order to bring different perspectives, different sensitivities, open-mindedness to new horizons. », Analyzes Yves Caseau. For Cécile Latour, diversity represents a factor of performance and motivation, and of differentiation, very often recognized when new employees are integrated, regardless of their culture.

Michelin is looking for new talents to support its digital transformation

To continue to develop its technical mastery, which allows it to ensure an excellent level of service to its users, while implementing its digitalization strategy, Michelin is recruiting around fifty IT profiles, both junior and experienced, in many areas: cloud, devops, integration, cybersecurity, architecture, workplace, network, data or even UX.

The missions of the company’s employees are rich and varied. © Michelin

The missions of future recruits

« Our future talents will interact with users / customers in order to develop the solutions and services of tomorrow. They will work in a network to improve their skills and those of others. They will integrate systems and methods to make the user experience an unforgettable journey. They will also know how to urbanize, support, organize, innovate, exhibit … without ever forgetting to take pleasure in everything they do. », Details Yves Caseau. If technical prerequisites are required, collaboration, agility, a taste for experimentation and transmission, taking initiative or even continuous learning are among the expected soft skills.

The values ​​of the family business, present internationally

A family business headquartered in Clermont-Ferrand, the Michelin group has great values ​​such as ” respect for women and men, their well-being, health, safety and development », Specifies Cécile Latour. By working within an international group, which has 125,000 employees around the world, future talents will have the opportunity to constantly dialogue with employees based in many geographical areas. And, thanks to an agreement in place for several years, employees also have the possibility of teleworking 10 days a month.

« An exciting ambition for transformation »

Continuous training, cultural openness, as well as the diversity of missions are among the many advantages of joining the Michelin group. ” The company presents a high level of requirement, with a history, values. She knows how to develop talents and shows an exciting ambition for transformation », Summarizes the CIO. An enthusiasm shared by Cécile Latour: “ we are in a period of full growth for the next 5 years, particularly in the digital sector, with a wide variety of subjects, which allow us to acquire a rich and human experience within this large group. This is the right time to join us ».

Testimonials from Michelin IT experts

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