Microsoft Italy announces Cybersecurity Skilling

Microsoft Italy announced the “Alliance for work” project, part of Ambizione Italia, aimed at companies, students and professionals that will allow to accelerate the growth and competitiveness of the country through free courses dedicated to IT security. The goal of the plan Cybersecurity Skilling is to improve digital skills in this sector, while also offering more job opportunities.

Free cybersecurity training

Microsoft Security Experts Blocked over 9.6 billion malware and over 35.7 billion phishing emails in 2021. The Redmond company blocks over 900 brute force password theft attacks every second and actively monitors over 35 families of ransomware. According to a recent LinkedIn survey, the Cybersecurity Specialist is among the 25 most requested professions in Italy, but only 40% of workers have received specific training on IT security (knowing how to install a antivirus does not mean being expert).

Starting this month, Microsoft Italy will offer a series of free courses on cybersecurity. For the companies training courses are available aimed at obtaining globally recognized certifications. Thanks to the collaboration of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, the students they can instead access courses on the concepts of cloud computing, security and compliance.

Infine, i professionals they can improve their skills through advanced courses (security controls, identity management based on Microsoft Azure, Cloud Champion platform) with the collaboration of Pipeline. Silvia CandianiCEO of Microsoft Italy, said:

The growth of risks and threats is now there for all to see. Unfortunately, there is a skill gap between companies on the security front and this can cause a potential delay in the detection time of breaches and consequently a cost of managing the cyber threat on which the longevity of the business can sometimes depend. State-of-the-art technologies are no longer enough, but highly qualified personnel capable of dealing with any critical situation are needed. With the Alliance for Work, which I hope new members will join soon, and the Cybersecurity Skilling program, we want to face this challenge with a collaborative spirit by providing companies, students and professionals with a platform to help them face the future with right tools.

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