Microsoft Teams: Clippy background, nostalgia effect

Video calls, especially business calls, can also be boring. Microsoft allows users to change the wallpaper of Teams, choosing your favorite images, but those recently published by the Redmond company will surely bring back old memories. Precisely for this reason, the new collection is named Nostalgia. Obviously he could not miss it Clippy, the Office Assistant.

Clippy and other vintage backgrounds

Clippy it was first introduced in Office 97 and removed with Office 2007. It was probably hated by many users, but it still earned a place in Microsoft’s history, according to which the virtual assistant was just ahead of its time. It is clearly not included in Teams. However, it can be chosen as a background.

The second image included in the Nostalgia collection depicts the famous Lonely. The game first appeared in Windows 3.0 (1990). In 2019 it was included in the Video Game Hall of Fame and is still one of the most popular games to this day (it’s available for Windows, Android, iOS e web).


The third wallpaper will surely be recognized by users who have used Windows XP. The image, known as Bliss, depicts the famous hill located in the Los Carneros American Viticultural Area in California. The Teams version has been slightly modified, changing the clouds, moving the shadows and adding dandelions to the field.


The last image depicts Paint, the well-known application introduced with Windows 1.0 in 1985 and still present in Windows 10.


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