Microsoft Teams: Clippy paperclip, solitaire or Windows XP wallpaper in the background

Check out the new backgrounds for Microsoft Teams, which will take you on a journey through time.

Microsoft unveils a modernized background with Clippy, the cult tool from Microsoft Office 97 to 2003. © Microsoft

Microsoft has planned a little time travel for its users. In one post, the firm unveiled the new backgrounds it offers for its videoconferencing service, Microsoft Teams. On the program: remastered images that will make you nostalgic.

Backgrounds for flagship features and software

With these new backgrounds, Microsoft wants to pay tribute to some of its cult products, in modernized representations and in 3D. Thus, we are witnessing the return of Clippy (see image above), the Office assistant in the shape of a paperclip, who offered his help to write the letter or word of your choice. Present in Microsoft Office, from version 97 to 2003, Clippy remains a feature that marked users of the time.

Paint, a tribute to the essential Windows tool

Microsoft also wanted to pay tribute to Paint, its visual creation software, still in use today. Introduced in 1985 in the first version of Windows, Paint remains a staple of the firm, even if, since 2017, users have access to its successor, Paint 3D.

© Microsoft

A background for Solitaire, the cult Windows game

Solitaire is also one of the cult games, available on all versions of Windows. First appearing in Windows 3.0 in 1990, the game recently celebrated its 31st anniversary and was even inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame in 2019.

© Microsoft

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Bliss, the iconic Windows XP wallpaper

In 2001 appeared “Bliss”, the iconic Windows XP wallpaper. The origin of this wallpaper: a photo taken in 1996 by Charles O’Rear, an American photographer, of a wine-growing area in Los Carneros, California. Impossible, today, not to remember this green valley of which Microsoft gives a new version of postcard, by moving the shadows, softening the clouds and adding a few dandelions.

© Microsoft

Microsoft offers to download these different backgrounds by here.

Bring productivity and usability together on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams keeps bringing new features that improve remote work. Recently, the videoconferencing service opened its functionalities to individuals. These latest novelties, which are more fun, help make work meetings more convivial and aim to create unifying moments.

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