Mini WiFi spy camera (full HD) on offer on Amazon

Useful for keeping every room under control in a discreet way, at home or elsewhere, this one mini WiFi spy camera is proposed today with the 18% discount on Amazon compared to the list price. The installation is very simple and within everyone’s reach, as is the use.

The house is always under control, with discretion: the offer

Just place the sensore Full HD facing where you want to register, turn it on and you’re done. The internal battery guarantees high autonomy, with recharging to be carried out through a simple power supply or power bank to be connected to the USB slot. There is also a system that activates when motion is detected. All other details in the product sheet.

It weighs 50 grams, the dimensions are 5 × 5 millimeters and the cable has a thickness of 7 millimeters. Scanned images can be saved to one microSD cards and control in real time from any position, using aAndroid and iOS application. All this, today, can be purchased on Amazon at price of only 40.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros as per price list.

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