MISE, 3 million euros for 5G in audio video

The Ministry for Economic Development has announced a call for research projects based on the 5G in the relationship with the audiovisual content production and distribution sector. “The goal”, explains the ministry in its official note, “is to experiment with innovative solutions aimed at demonstrating the ability to support the digital transformation of the country’s creative and cultural industry in the audiovisual media services sector”. But MISE goes further: “the project proposals must include the development of use cases that have application characteristics consistent with the use of 5G technology, to enhance a multi-platform digital environment that aims to create high-quality, usable content in augmented, virtual, immersive and interactive reality in the field of remote and distributed video production, DAD + gaming, live events and documentaries “. 3.2 million euros are available, useful to cover up to 50% of the project costs and in any case not exceeding 800 thousand euros for the single project. The deadline for submitting applications is set for next July 26 – with a further limit, albeit without explicit reasons in the call (pdf): the projects must be carried out exclusively in the cities of Cagliari, Salerno, Palermo and Vibo Valentia.

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