Mobile table for laptop for only 31 euros

What we offer you today is a different accessory from the usual, but definitely useful for laptop owners. We are talking about the mobile table for PC SogesFurniture to enjoy your computer anywhere and with maximum comfort.

Mobile table for SogesFurniture laptop: technical characteristics

It is a rather simple product, in essence it is a support base wide enough to place the PC and more. The plan, in fact, is wide well 80cm in order to guarantee enough space also for any additional devices or accessories. An example can be a second monitor to expand the workspace, as well as a HUB or one docking station for external devices. Very comfortable 4 wheels that allow you to move the table very easily, even if occupied by the equipment.

Do not underestimate the possibility of adjust the height of the support surface, to adapt it to any seat. Whether you are in an armchair, on the sofa or on the bed, in a few seconds you can find the height that best suits your needs. Finally, very interesting it integrated stand for mobile devices placed at the top. This owns 3 slots that allow you to comfortably pass the cables, so you can charge the devices even if placed inside it. In short, an essential but extremely functional solution both for those who work and for those who want to enjoy some multimedia content comfortably.

Thanks to a flash offer, only for a few hours, the table can be purchased on Amazon just 31,39 euro thanks to a coupon activated from the product page, which is added to the pre-applied discount of 15%. The coffee table is available in the variants Black, Bianca e Oak.

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