launches Shopify training to learn how to create an e-commerce site

The training organization is launching a new program to allow merchants to easily design their merchant site with Shopify. offers e-commerce training to easily create an online store with Shopify. ©

E-commerce, a solution for entrepreneurs after the health crisis

2020 and 2021 have been difficult years for traders, artisans and entrepreneurs. Between confinement and health measures, keeping your business alive has been a real challenge. To cope with the situation, we had to adapt: ​​e-commerce appeared to be a saving solution for many of them.

« Between 2019 and 2020, e-commerce turnover increased by 32%. This development is confirmed in 2021 as consumers have adopted new purchasing habits. The potential is therefore enormous », Analyzes Vito Morana, project manager for

This is confirmed by the last e-commerce review published by Fevad:

  • online sales increased by 17.8% in one year,
  • a total of 18,000 additional e-commerce websites were put online,
  • the average online basket is € 58.

After this difficult period, opening your online store appears to be a way to maintain and develop your business. ” It is an inexpensive solution, easy to set up and which offers many opportunities », Continues the project manager.

Shopify, an e-commerce platform accessible to all

In this context, supports merchants and helps them open their online store with Shopify. Vito Morana explains why the distance training organization made this choice: “ today there are many solutions for opening an e-commerce site. We have selected the one that we believe has the most qualities: Shopify. Unlike other platforms, Shopify is not specifically dedicated to IT people. It was designed to be accessible to everyone. At the end of our online e-commerce training, the intern will therefore be able to carry out all the actions necessary for the management of his store, without having the skills of a web developer. ».

Create your online store with your coach

The program consists of 38 hours of lessons, available on an e-learning platform, and 11 weekly interviews of 30 minutes each with an appointed tutor. ” The trainee will be able to consult the courses independently. They benefit from application exercises and have access to interfaces to simulate the operation of the tool. He also has a direct practice since at the start of the lessons, we open a shop for him. », Explains Bernard Sebban, director of

The training organization has validated a partner space with Shopify in order to be able to create a store for each learner, free of charge and for the duration of their tutoring. ” Trainee will therefore have created his online store thanks to the courses and the support of his tutor, and in compliance with Shopify best practices. If he wants to continue, put it online and do business with it, he starts paying the Shopify subscription ($ 29 / month). »

At the end of the training, the trainee will know:

  • build and open a functional and secure e-commerce site,
  • manage the catalog of your store,
  • sell and ship goods all over the world,
  • increase its online presence tenfold thanks to marketplaces.

Shopify certified training

The course curriculum offered by the training organization was developed in collaboration with Shopify. ” We have obtained the Shopify Education Partners certification issued by the platform. This means that the content offered is in line with what is expected in terms of knowledge and skills to be able to fully use the capabilities of Shopify, but also with the publisher’s best practices. Today, is the only training organization of this size to have obtained this label ”, emphasizes Olivier Vanandruel, IS and digital director of the organization.

Personalized support to create an online store

Each intern is accompanied by an appointed tutor. ” We work in collaboration with professionals who are dedicated to supporting a designated person. They are both experts in the field studied, in the profession, and also coaches », Specifies Olivier Vanandruel. ” The appointments are weekly. They are carried out on the tutor’s initiative depending on the trainee’s availability. They punctuate the training and are essential. This is the opportunity to take stock of what has been done by the trainee. Together, they will tackle things that weren’t understood, whether in the course content or in the use of the Shopify platform. The tutor can help his learner to move forward and give him advice, depending on the sales objectives set upstream. It is really individualized and accompanied tutoring. » is a distance training organization that has existed for 32 years. It offers solutions to support employees and advance them in 9 areas : languages, office automation, Shopify, SAP & accounting, social media communication, image processing, WordPress, management and personal development.

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