most relevant interventions of 2020

During the presentation of the report on the activities of 2020, the Guarantor for the protection of personal data illustrated the main actions taken to ensure adequate treatment of information, in particular health information. Obviously the greatest danger is represented by online platforms and cyber attacks. A year of activity to protect privacy One of the best known interventions is undoubtedly the one on TikTok. Following tragic story of Palermo, the Guarantor requested and obtained measures for age verification at the time of registration to the social network. Several proceedings have also been initiated on WhatsApp, Clubhouse and Clearview. The authority has activated an emergency channel to help victims of the revenge porn and launched an awareness campaign to combat the phenomenon of cyberbullying. The risks associated with the use of digital assistants were also highlighted and indications were given on how to defend against cyber threats, in particular ransomware. Finally, the Guarantor prohibited the use of the system Sari Real Time for facial recognition.The authority has given the green light to various government initiatives, including Cashback, Receipt lottery, Holiday Bonus and Mobility Bonus. More recently, numerous interventions have been made on the famous Green Pass. The Guarantor has criticized government decisions and blocked various regional initiatives, including that of the Campania, in addition toapp MitigaInitially, green certificates could only be issued through theImmune app. Subsequently, after changes made by PagoPA, the Guarantor authorized the issue also through theapp IO. The 2020 activity report is available on the site of authority.

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