Nacon and its range of life simulations

Fans of life simulations will be served with the LIFE range from Nacon, the French publisher which has one of the largest portfolios of AA video games in the world.

With simulation games LIFE on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, the life of a professional in any field will soon hold no secrets for anyone.

  • Train Life – A Railway Simulator, developed by Simteract: A railway simulation. In addition to driving trains, which will be very precisely transcribed, you manage the development of your business, namely hiring drivers, buying locomotives, contracts to be completed and creating a network across Europe.
  • Hotel Life – A Resort Simulator, developed by RingZero Game Studio: A hotel simulation that takes you behind the scenes of a paradisiacal vacation. The players must take care of the day-to-day running of their hotel, develop its reputation and provide the best possible support to customers, from reception to check-out, including the organization of numerous daily activities.
  • Chef Life – A Restaurant Simulator, developed by Cyanide Studio: Players find themselves at the head of a restaurant that must be managed in its entirety. From the purchase of ingredients to the setting of the plates, prepare the best dishes while leading your teams, without forgetting the decoration of the room and the service
  • Surgeon Life – A Hospital Simulator, developed by RingZero Game Studio: Players are welcome to run a private clinic. In addition to the surgical operations to be performed, it is also necessary to lead the nursing teams and develop the patient base.
  • Architect Life – A Building Simulator, developed by SimFabric: A simulator that offers to carry out each of the stages of construction and decoration of the house of your dreams and those of your customers. Creation of plans, cost control, hiring of labor … More than a simple game of design, you ensure the smooth running of the site to meet the specifications

A trailer for the LIFE range

Train Life will be available for early access on PC from July 15, while Hotel Life will be released on January 27, 2022. Chef Life, Surgeon Life and Architect Life have no release date yet.

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