NASA commissions armaments company with residential modules for orbit station

Northrop Grumman is building the Halo residential module for the Lunar Gateway orbit station of the Artemis program. (Graphic: Northrop Grumman)

The fighter jet manufacturer Northrop Grumman receives 935 million dollars from the controversial Artemis project to enable working and living in the moon orbit. There is also a module for the Esa.

Nasa has now assigned Northrop Grumman a new task for a planned outpost in the orbit of the moon. He is to develop living and working spaces on the ward. The so-called “Habitation and Logistics Outpost” (Halo) represents a central component of the “Lunar Gateway”, which is to circumnavigate the earth’s satellite as the fulcrum for ground missions. Northrop Grumman had already submitted a draft for the module. It passed the exam in May. Now NASA drew the consequences and gave the company the contract to buildreports Reuters. Northtrop Grumman, in addition to the production of fighter aircraft, also conducts space research and defense. We know what is necessary to “protect war participants and preserve their freedom, both in space and from space”, writes the company on its website.

Esa supplies communication system

The space freighter Cygnus, which also comes from Northrop, regularly supplies the ISS with essentials. The design of Halo is said to be based on that of the freighter. In addition to the work and living areas, a solar drive, control systems and docking points for other spacecraft are also planned. In addition to supply freighters, these could also include landing vehicles for the lunar surface. As planned, the module houses a backup system for the energy supply and control of the orbital station. In addition to Halo and the solar propulsion module PPE, Lunar Gateway is to receive a tank and the communication module “Esprit” from Esa. The latter is able to guarantee broadband speeds between the surface and the station, according to the European Space Agency. Northrop, on the other hand, is responsible for the transport. The company has its own rocket called Antares. On the other hand, the Nasa SpaceX with the transport of Artemis modules instructed. The US Court of Auditors is examining this award for now.

Artemis with dubious contracts for commercialization

Eleven countries have so far joined the project. Germany, for example, is not one of them. That also applies to Russia and China, which have their own moon station have envisaged. The reason lies in the “Artemis Accords”, a contract that the USA imposes on all participants. In it, the US determines and manifests the safety zones on the moon commercial resource extraction for private sector organizations. Nasa also announced that Moon material from private corporations wanting to buy. The Russian space agency spoke of an “invasion” of the moon and a commercialization of space. The Artemis Accords violate Article 2 of the international space treaty, which prohibits the occupation of celestial bodies. Artemis signatories must declare the law to be null and void.

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