Nasa makes 180 other programs available

NASA has greatly expanded its software package, which users can download and use free of charge. Over 800 programs are now available for free.

In 2014 the US space agency NASA published a software catalog for the first time, providing students, industry, private developers and government agencies with dozens of free tools, apps and code. Now she has Nasa the programs that can be downloaded free of charge have been properly expanded – with over 180 new innovations In total, the software catalog has now grown to over 800 programs.

Software for engineers and researchers

“The software that is suitable for satellites, astronauts, engineers, and scientists, when applied and adapted across industries and businesses, is evidence of the comprehensive value that NASA has to the United States – and the World – brings, ”said Nasa administrator Bill Nelson. The tools made available would have served NASA well for operations on Earth as well as Mars or moon missions. Now NASA can help founders or academics to solve real problems.

Free software: Nasa publishes apps, code and tools in different categories. (Screenshot:

The programs are available to the public free of charge, which is good news, Nelson adds. Last but not least, it is important for US taxpayers to be able to benefit from the technologies developed by and for NASA. Anyone who wants to download individual software programs or tools as part of the so-called technology transfer program must first register with NASA. For use in companies, the software must also Licensed by NASA become.

The effort could be worthwhile for specialists: The software tools offered include code to build better drones and quieter aircraft. A tool allows a visualization of NASA satellites and the respective monitored regions on earth. There are also comparative models for the atmospheric conditions on Earth, Mars, Venus and Neptune. There is also technological support for the use of renewable energies. A tool makes it possible, for example, to calculate solar systems. Another piece of software can be used to improve the efficiency of wind turbines.

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On Tuesday, July 13th, 2021, NASA will hold a webinar in which interested parties can learn more about the download process and ask questions about the available programs. Here you can register for it.

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