Nasty WhatsApp scam: Messages from friends lure you into the subscription trap

WhatsApp users have to be careful again. Scammers want to lure you into a fake competition. Like “Mimikama” reported, it concerns an alleged competition of the drugstore chain dm, which is sent by own contacts. It says “DM Merry Christmas” followed by a dubious link. A present is supposed to be hidden behind it. However, this only takes you to a fake dm page.

This is quickly apparent from the page’s URL. For example, there is a URL with the ending “.cn”, which stands for a domain in China. Now the users are supposed to fill out a questionnaire and thus supposedly get the chance to win 2,000 euros. As soon as the questions have been answered, a notification appears promptly that this prize has actually been won.

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Before you can reap the winnings, you should send the link to five groups or 20 people. The malicious link spreads faster and faster. If you want to protect your contacts, warn them as soon as you receive a link and do not redistribute it. Because afterwards the dangerous content is waiting for everyone who clicks further.

First you should give your mobile phone number. Behind this is a subscription trap, in which 3.99 euros are debited per week. If you are affected by this, blocking third-party debits from your mobile operator can help. In other cases, you will be shown that there is a virus on your smartphone. You should now download anti-virus software. But this is a Trojan.

If you have left this on your smartphone, you should install real antivirus software and use it to remove the harmful program. A scan should expose the culprit.

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