“NCIS”: future without Gibbs? Only a comeback can save the series now

“NCIS”: Tony DiNozzo als Serienretter

“NCIS” – Now you need an old star

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The sometimes arrogant, sometimes arrogant, but always charming DiNozzo was shown for 308 episodes before actor Michael Weatherly left in 2016 to force his own series “Bull”. Since then, “NCIS” fans have had to do without him. He would be the perfect choice to make the aging series more interesting again.

In the most important market for producers, US television, “NCIS” is still a bank. It is regularly the only fictional series that breaks the 10 million viewer mark. But the dream ratings of bygone times (21.3 million viewers for season 10) have long since ceased to exist.

at Reddit The fans therefore spoke out in favor of Tony DiNozzo’s return. So they actually discussed there about the attraction of the new offshoot “NCIS: Hawaii”. He doesn’t get off very well with viewers, which is why one user writes: “If Michael Weatherly participates, I’ll hang on the TV like glue.” Others agree with him.

Even if this is only about the spin-off, it shows how popular DiNozzo still is. He could easily carry an entire season of “NCIS”, especially now that Gibbs has stepped out. And who knows? With the departure of Mark Harmon, there may now be a vacancy on the payroll. Apparently a possible engagement of Weatherly should be worthwhile for the broadcaster CBS as well as for the fans.

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