Netflix with Google and Comcast for the cheap subscription?

With the aim of curbing the decline in subscribers recorded in the last period (for the first time in its history), Netflix is seriously considering introducing a economic subscription supported by advertising. A formula that has already been successfully tested by some competitors in the streaming sector and which could be replicated. To this end, the leaders of the platform are ready to sign collaborations with some companies in the sector: among the names circulated are Google and Comcast.

Advertising on Netflix, through Google or Comcast?

The rumors of recent days were followed by the statement attributed to Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of the company: We are in discussion with all of them at the moment. That is to say that the negotiations are underway, but that to date nothing has yet been decided or put down in black and white. In any case, he will still spend some time before being able to attend the debut of theadvertising on the service.

We will not be adding ads to Netflix as you know it today. We will propose a plan with advertising to the people who say Hey, I want a cheaper membership and am willing to look at the ads.

Currently, i prices of the subscriptions proposed by the platform in Italy are the following:

  • 7.99 euros per month for the Basic plan with streaming in SD quality (480p) on a single device;
  • 12.99 euros per month for the Standard plan with streaming in Full HD quality (1080p) on two devices at the same time;
  • € 17.99 per month for the Premium plan with streaming in Ultra HD (4K) quality on four devices at the same time.

It is not even known what could be the fixed cost for any economic subscription. you can find Netflix gift card on Amazon to top up the credit e renew your subscription.

Recently, with the will of diversify the businessthe group made its debut in the NFT and announced numerous new titles confirming how much it is focusing on gaming.

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