new experiment for the central bank

There is also the France among the countries that are seriously considering the possibility of putting one into circulation CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), as known for some time and reported on several occasions also on these pages, the last less than a month ago to describe the Jura project launched in collaboration with neighboring Switzerland.

A CBDC for France: work continues

Let’s go back to writing about it today since the central bank of Paris declared that it had conducted yet another experiment for this purpose, a test staged in March involving the BNP Paribas group, the Belgian company Euroclear and other names active in the financial sector such as Axa Investment Managers, CACEIS Bank, CIC Market Solutions, Crédit Agricole Titres, Euronext, Kriptown, La Banque Postale and Caisse des Dépôts. Here is what we read in the press release.

This experiment made it possible to test the integration of issuing and regulatory activities, including those affecting exchanges on the secondary market.

It is also part of the initiative LiquidShare, supplier of the blockchain necessary for the management of transactions. According to what was announced by Banque de France, the experimentation phase is destined to continue, thus collecting the necessary feedback to correct the shot by intervening where necessary, with the aim of finally making the CBDC available to citizens.

Returning to Jura project involving the Switzerland, we report the statement attributed to Andréa M. Maechler, member of the General Management of the local National Bank.

It is essential for central banks to keep up with technological developments. The Swiss National Bank is already studying, as part of the Helvetia Project, the settlement of tokenized assets through wholesale CBDCs. We are very pleased to extend the analysis to the cross-border context by participating in this stimulating initiative.

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